Beginner Guide- Slot Game Online

The slot games have always been popular in the casino industry for ages. Today, the slots have become a heck lot of fun, with machines centered on Hollywood movies, like the Dark Knight, Nightmare on Elm Street, and more.

Playing a game on a slot machine is never a demanding ask, never calls for in-depth knowledge or vast skills like the Blackjack casino game. Though, It is a game of fortune, practice before the contest can make a big difference between the thin line of winning and losing.

In American, the machine is known as the slot machine, whereas Britishers call it the fruit machine.

There is a full array of golden tactics you must know before you take up the slots challenge. But, one law of thumb, which can foster your chances of winning is picking a machine with the highest RTP (return to the player). This determines your return value.

How to Operate a Slot Machine?

Well, there are several variants to the slot machines in land casinos, the method of operation hardly varies. A wager, first, buys commence the game by entering coins into one dedicated slot or in advanced machines, you need to put in a ticket having a bar code. Then, you can activate the machine by a designated button, lever, or in some modern-day machines, there are touch interfaces. One thing to note, a traditional slot machine is only one pay line.

To win money from slotting gambling, the player has to match up the symbols. These symbols can be fruits or any other object which rotates and stops to reveal their identity, some latest machines have large extended video screens. The symbols are easy to recognize as they are colored bright. Then, the machine pays off cash, if the wager can match the combination set at the start of the slot game.

Why It Get the Name of “One-Armed Bandit”?

For years, the slots machines are termed as “One-Armed Bandits.” this is probably owing to the fact it has a magical ability to leave even the most experienced player penniless, and its conventional appearance.

Slot Machines

There is a muster of slot machines in land casinos, however, the one which is fostered worldwide popularity is the “Classic and Line Slot.”

A Classic and Line Slot is a kind of slot machine, which has only three symbols on reel to match and win. Therefore, it is titled as the single slot machine. The latest variation of this machine, have three reels and three lines to mingle straight to win and called the multi-reel/line machine. And, 1 to 3 players can play at the same time.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is the principle a slot game machine adheres. Since, most of the people, are unaware of RNG, they often become a pray of misconceptions engulfing the world of slot casinos. One popular myth is, every slot machine, both one or multi-pay line, have a cycle, you just need to understand and win. However the truth is on the other side, RNG is the brain, so numbers or symbols are generated randomly.

What is a Three Reels Slot?

In earlier days of gambling, slot machines which were rolled out for wagers are three reels slot, henceforth, the three reels slot machine is commonly pronounced as classic. Here, the reel is the vertical section that displays on the screen with every pull of the slot machine lever. The complexity of the slot game increase with the number of reels, as the possibilities of permutation and combination, widens up.

The three reels slots have a strong following by the fact they present true gambling experiences. Therefore, be it online or land casino, the three reels slot is demanding the realm of slot gaming.

Pros and Cons of Playing 3 Reel Games


  • Players can have access to classic casino gaming.
  • A simple and fast-paced gaming experience
  • Easy to understand bonus round.
  • Free of any technical jargon.


  • Limited betting possibilities
  • Slow to earn big, compared to five reel slot machine.

Payouts Percentage for 3 Reel Machines

As we all know, the three reel slot machine is slow, the payout is often the subject of debate. Many consider this machine is no great to make big bucks, while, most love this game for this ability to lower the chances of losing. However, nowadays, the casinos offer a predefined payout percentage, even is a player takes more great time to spin just the reels.

Five Reels Slot Machine

A slot machine is categorized regarding reels, and thus complexity. So, the number of reels is what makes a big difference, how the game of the slot is played. A reel here means a vertical section which is generated which generated when pushing the button or the lever in traditional machines. Though the number of pay lines to a win is determined at the start of the game, as a rule of thumb, 20 pay lines are the standard. Regarding online popularity, the five reel slots overpower the three reel slot, as video slot gaming websites are investing on the former.

Why Choose a 5 Reel Slot?

  • Breathtaking Entertaining Animations
  • Enhanced Paylines Possibilities
  • You Can Earn More Bonus, in Contrast to Round Slot Game.

Online Slot Machine

In today’s hustle and bustle of corporate life, we don’t get adequate time to visit the land casino. This is one of the top reasons for the success of online slot machines in Malaysia. With online slot game, you can play anytime and anywhere, don’t get to get dressed up like a professional wager and visit a physical casino.  Plus, what’s more, in the recent years, the live casinos have made great progress to match up to the ambiance of the land casino. Here, you save your money, as the online slot game websites, allows its subscriber to bet as per there heir financial means, like the physical casinos.


How to Find the Best Online Slots Casino in Malaysia?

The best online casino Malaysia offer a great sign up bonus. Therefore, check free welcome bonus casino Malaysia of your prospective live casino company before becoming their player.

Many Top online casinos offer mobile slot gaming. They allow their customers to play slot game even on the move via the smartphone, just download slot online Malaysia game.

Make sure your potential casino website follow all the norms to offer safety and security your identity.

The website must have excellent customer support.

Some websites present great deals to their regular gamers.

Are you in look for a reliable online casino, then follow this link. As here you get all the information you need to begin your search for a gambling website. It will also provide with the most up-to-date data of the popular casino offer slot online real money Malaysia and free credit slot Malaysia.

The advantage of Playing Online Slot

You can stay clear of big loses, by investing in your budget, as most online casino web portals allow you to place your money flexibly.

You can play at the leisure of home, and the hustle of your office.

Also, that is convenient nowadays to download a slot online game in Malaysia. It is possible to get a free credit while they offer new players a free welcome bonus.

Why Play on a Mobile Device?

Slot game online for mobile Malaysia brings your favorite land casino experiences to your smartphone. The procedure to play the slot game from your smartphone is a walk in the park, all you have to do is to download a reliable live casino App and start playing. Today, there a slot game apps which are multiplatform works on both iPhone and Android devices. You can download free slots games for Android and iPhones from play stores. But, make sure you take a glance at the popular reviews posted by the players against the App you are thinking about downloading and installing.

Though, the free slot games to download for pc present you better graphics quality, but a mobile version, is best you don’t have the luxury to carry your laptop on every business tour.

Free Slot Games Online Without Downloading

Yes, they exist, giving you the facility to play online, without downloading any App or software on your smartphone or personal computer respectively. Click here SCR99.

Best Mobile Slot Game Application

In the recent years, the 918 kiss slot game App has become synonymous with best mobile slot game application. Not only this game App, compatible with both Android devices and iPhones, it is safe, also ensure the best gaming experiences you would never forget.

918 Kiss: Online Mobile Slot Game – Installation Tutorial

Step 1: First of all, go the mobile page of the company’s website

Step 2: Select your version

Step 3: Hit the install button

Step 4: Now, go to the general setting of your smartphone.

Step 5: Then, device management, after that you need to trust”all continental Sdn, bhd.”

Step 6: Now, hit the 918 kiss icon and select “trust” to play the fun.

Top Game Slot Online Malaysia


Being the second largest casino software provider, the Aristocrat free slot games are trusted by wagers in every nook and corner of this universe. The company’s five reel slot game promise to bring the true experiences to Ancient Egypt and allow you to acquire some of its treasures.

Buffalo Spirit

The free buffalo slot games are the perfect choice if you are on a hunt for a slot machine App with high payouts. Here, the rules are complex, just like any other slot game.

Cleopatra II

The free slot games Cleopatra 2 is worth a play if you are on for some real Egypt slot machine gaming in the comfort of your home or office.

Dolphin King

The dolphin slot free games are designed and crafted for the true lovers of the traditional slot game. The company offers free spins to its subscribed players.

Dolphins Pearls

The free slot games dolphins pearls have a whimsical attractiveness in term of design and graphics. The Dolphins Pearls offer 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay lines.

Golden Goddess

The golden goddess free slot game offers 5 reels and 3 lines. 25000000 is the maximum payout.

Highway King

The free slot game highway king has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The symbols used here are Wheel, Dice and Trucker’s Cap. The top win is 10 000 coins for 5 symbols

Golden Tour

The free slot game golden tour combines the enthralling experiences of golfing with slot casino.


The Zeus free slot games are developed under the banner WMS Industries Inc. It offers 5 reels and 3 rows full of colorful symbols. The rules of playing golden tour are quite simple and easy to follow.

3 Method to Play Slot Machines Wisely

Method 1: Before You Place Your Bet

Follow this Step-by-Step Guide-

  1. Join Any “Slot Clubs” or “Player Perks” Your Casino Offers
  2. Thoroughly Understand Your Slot Machine
  3. Decide the Amount That You’re Comfortable Betting Each Pull
  4. Don’t Buy Into Casino Mapping

Method 2: Playing the Game

Follow Step-by-Step Guide-

  1. Master the Multiplier Machine
  2. Bet a Bunch on Buy-a-Pays
  3. Plug Into the Progressive Slots
  4. Venture Into the Video Games
  5. Settle on a Game
  6. Mind Your Manners

 Method 3: Managing Your Money

Follow Step-by-Step Guide-

  1. Know Your Limits
  2. Walk Into the Casino With Only the Money You Will Be Playing With
  3. Choose the Lowest Denomination Possible for the Slot Machine You Want to Play
  4. Select Slot Machines With the Highest Payback Percentages
  5. Pocket Any Winnings You Ear

What is Progressive Jackpot?

The grand payout of a slot game is termed as a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is titled as progressive, owing to the fact that it increases every time this prize is unclaimed. When the jackpot is achieved, it is reset to a predefined value, and the sequence followed.

How to Get Progressive Jackpot?

The grand jackpot is given to an individual who has the maximum credits per day. Every player contributes to the max credit score.

Progressive Jackpot Winner list in 2017

Click this link to find out our top progressive jackpot winner here 

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