3 Reasons You Should Stop Playing Online Casino Game

After becoming an independent nation in 1950, Malaysia, over the years revolutionized into a financially stable country in the South Eastern Asia zone. Thus, one of the powerful reasons, this nation notorious for beaches has developed into a red-hot address for casino gamblers around the world. In Malaysia, the Muslim community, owing to their religious sentiments are not allowed to indulge in waging activities.

The position of gambling in Malaysia is not defined correctly, the betting houses are illegal in the country, as per the Betting Act of 1953. However, there is no act still now mentioning anything online gambling in the country. This is why Internet waging has picked up the pace in the country over the past few years. However, today, there is a new form of gambling, which is attracting people with its remarkable ability to offer real casino life experiences. They are broadly termed as live casino online in Malaysia.

Here, in this article, we present some of the countless reasons, why you should make a move on from online gambling to live casino.

live casino gambling


The live casino gambling comes with a myriad of benefits, compared to online betting. With the former one, you can play live with the dealer managing the cards and communicating live with you over video chat. So, you will probably feel like playing at a gambling house, even when you are relaxing in the comfort of your sofa. Plus, recently, the advanced live streaming allows punters to bet, without taking a flight to Las Vegas.

The live casino online Malaysia offers a host lot of options when it comes to gambling games. This includes Blackjack poker, roulette, and many other famous games you play at any other gambling arena. Moreover, unlike the Random Number Generator process of online casino, with live gambling, you get the authentic feel of shuffling and the live dealers distributing the cards. So, in simple words, there is a lot of fun.

Real- Life Casino Dealers

Real-life casino
Real-life casino

Well, the above highlight requires no explanation, why should take a plunge into the world of live casino. Want to have that red feel, when it revolves around deciding your fate? There is a lot more fun with a live casino, you enjoy and win, which is the true goal of a true gambler. Do you why people go to Las Vegas? It’s all about real experiences, every player wishes to have, but, with a live casino, you can have the same from the comfort of your home or office. What’s more, without spending a dollar on commutation to a casino house.

Live Dealer Allows to Interact With Players

Live Dealer Allows to Interact With Players
Live Dealer Allows to Interact With Players

Just like the live casino online gives you the freedom to play with the dealer, you can wager with gamblers across the globe without stepping out of your home. This is a remarkable benefit of a real-life casino. Here you get the environment, you will feel at a brick and mortar casino house. You have the luxury to talk to the people around the table, just like you do at a casino house. Plus, you learn new things and gain experiences from your mistakes, because, you are dealing with live people, no computer software.


Real- Life Gambling Experience

Well, Random Number Generator method employed by most online casino websites for video poker and slot machine games are considered as the best but, there is still a section of people doubting its authenticity, and have valid reasons for it. Though, the top casino companies trust reliable third party software for this, the odds of human errors or bad intentions cannot be neglected. But, with a live casino, there is no scope of any technical glitch, since you are playing face to face, and the computer is not managing the betting procedure, only the live dealer is authorized to do so.

Best Live Casino Agent In Malaysia

SCR99 is a name echoed with high admiration and trust among the gamblers around the globe for its quality of live gambling. This website offers a complete range of gambling games, starting from live baccarat,  live roulette, to live blackjack, and much more, you are bound to find your favorite game here. That’s why it is one of the most popular live gaming sites in Malaysia.


From the above three points, you would have probably come to know about the high points of the live Casino, and why it is considered as superior to online casino gambling. So, it’s solely up to you what to pick, like you still feel you are a newbie to play with a live dealer, and practice yourself and become perfect to gamble live. Whereas, if you are up for the challenge, go on and find a trusted live casino site operating in Malaysia and starting enjoying.

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