6 Quick Tips to Help You Win Big on the Live Roulette- Roulette Casino Strategy

There are two ways to win big at every gambling session, one is to be choosy when selecting a game, and secondly steep yourself in the statics and very vital data of that specific game. Well, this is a rule of thumb to start your career as a wager, but, if you want to succeed with tricky casino games such as the Roulette, it is best to make yourself familiar with its gambling maths and tips.

Roulette is an august casino game, and its name is derived from a French word, meaning “little wheel.” In this game of wheel, a player has some options when it comes to placing their bet, they can either bet a single number or a group of more than one, whether the number is even or odd, red or black color. Also, the number will be in the range 19-36 or 1-18.

The game begins with the authorized dealer giving the motion to the croupier spin wheel to rotate, and the white ball in the other direction around the circumference of the wheel. After some time, the ball will lose its momentum and halt wheel in any of the numbers on the wheel. The number range depends upon the variant, you are playing. If it’s the European style casino roulette, then it is 1-37. On the other hand, for the American style roulette, the range is 0-37.

Here, in this article, we list top tips for playing roulette and winning a fortune every time-

1. Outside Bet Wins Most the Time

Outside Bet Wins Most the Time

Well, every time you will surf the Internet for casino roulette tips, you will come across many practically unapproved things, like betting on a specific number and your chances to win will be higher, others include following a pattern waging. All these hold no truth, and implementing them, will probably land you in trouble sooner or the latter. However, one proven tip, you often people ignore is “betting outside.”

As a matter of fact, is winning by betting a single number out of 37 or 38-, in accordance with the Roulette version- is quite low. This is why, betting your bankroll on a single number is never a great idea, no matter, how good you are at Roulette gambling. Instead, bet outside, which includes, the colour-red or black, whether the number will be odd or even, the number range 1-18 or 19-36. Here, your odds of winning will rise to 50%-50%. Yes, in comparison to inside bets, the payouts are not on the higher side, but with outside betting gives you the luxury to wager for long.

2. You Must Play European Roulette


Since, the inception of this game, there are two versions: European Style Roulette and the American Style Roulette. The experts of the Roulette casino gaming instincts, it is best to go for the former variant, as the chances of losing your bet are slightly less compared to the second type. In the European Style Roulette, there are no double zeros, unlike the American Style Roulette, and the numbers are 37, in contrast to 38 of the American variant. Find out more information between European Style Roulette and the American Style Roulette. 

3. Refresh Your Mind by Taking a Short Break


With a lot of thought process that goes into the live roulette gaming, it is no brainer to get short rests and reanalyze your plan. Otherwise, playing until you bankroll reaches the mark of zero is an amateur’s way of gambling. If not a long break, take a small ten minutes mind nap and then get into the Roulette arena rejuvenated.

4. Never Stop Learning New Online Roulette Tactic


There is no age of learning, and with Roulette, learning continues till you place your final bet. If you fail, don’t feel low, instead, try to find where you lacked. Was your strategy incorrect? You can also learn from your rival gamblers, they might have a special trick in their bag, which you have not even heard of. So, on the whole, be attentive and always try to learn something new everytime you play the online roulette game.

5. Play at Only Reputable Casinos


With the world of online casino crowded with all kinds of Apps, dedicated software, online gambling or live casino, you have to select the right virtual place to start betting. Do a background check of your prospective online casino, and conduct a check about its online credibility. Some ideas to learn how to check of your prospective online casino.

6. Playing Smart on the Inside Bet


If you want to bet inside, then never risk your bankroll by waging on one single number, instead, go with multiple numbers. This way, you will able to minimize the risk of losing, while enjoying the high payouts of the inside bets.


At the end of it all, no matter how deeply you grasp the above tips, if you are not familiar with the odds, you won’t be able to win big.

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