Why Live Casino Is The One For You

Live casino is the best casino games in the world

We live in an internet age where everything is readily available, just a click away. This is probably how you ended up on this page in the first place.

The online gambling industry has massively developed because of the invention of the internet. With the invention of smartphones and tablets, and internet access almost everywhere and 24/7, online gambling is now widely available for everyone and anyone who wants to participate.

So what is so great about online gambling and why are there so many people getting involved? In this piece, we are going to explore the benefits of live casino, and to show you how why this is the ideal and best way to gamble.

 A Huge Variety of Games and Online Casinos

live game selection

One of the best features of the live casino is that you are spoilt for choice. You can choose to play Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and many more! Apart from that, there are also many online casinos that you can choose to play in. This is why living in the age of the internet is so great. The opportunity that it brings you is endless.

Travel is unnecessary!

travel is unnecessary

The days of traveling to an offline casino are over! No more noisy players, no more waiting for your turn at a table and more.

You do not have to get up off your seat to gamble, because everything is right here in your hands! All you need is a device to play on and an internet connection. Rest assured as you get to participate in live casino games in the comfort of your own home.

You can also join a live game anytime and anywhere. Whenever the desire arises, just go over to your computer or pull out your smart device and play as you fancy. This is the convenience at its best!

Want to play on your commute? You can. How about in bed on a lazy Sunday morning? You guessed right, you can! Sign up to play casino game on your mobile now.

Online Casino Games are 24/7

24/7 happy hour

You can play all you want with the live casino at any time and anywhere!

Of course, we do not recommend spending too much time playing live casino online, but isn’t it great to know that you can play whenever you feel like it? The live casinos run all day, with beautiful, sexy dealers ready to take your bets.

Have a bit of time on hand while you are waiting for something or someone? Play a quick round in a live casino right there and then, with no time wasted.

Record Keeping

record keeping

Of course, you are recommended to keep track of your wins and losses. However, any casinos you join will keep track of everything for you but by playing online, it is all recorded in your account.

With the live casino, you can keep track of all of your deposits, wins, and withdrawals, at your convenience.

More Self Control

self control

With online gambling, you can set yourself a limit. This significant feature allows you to fix a specific amount, and once you have reached it, you will be cut off from playing further.

For example, if you are playing live poker and set a limit of RM100 a day, you are only limited to play that amount on any given day.

This is an important feature as you have more control over yourself.

More Bonuses and Promotions

bonus and promotion
A lot of major live online casinos offer bonuses and promotions when you join them. Unlike offline casinos, you can receive bonuses to bet with when you join as a new member.

Some live casinos give out a percentage bonus of up to 100%! Some also give out money as soon as you join.

Bonuses and promotions are offered everywhere, so do take your time browsing our website to find the best one!

No Cheating!


Since you are playing live casino, you are seeing the dealer deal the cards as if you are playing in an offline casino.

Before live casino was invented, people played on the computer simulated games, but you can imagine how the games were rigged to make sure that you do not beat the house.

With the live casino, everything is dealt with in front of you. All risks and unfair advantages are gone. So you can place bets with confidence.

We hope that this article gave you insights of the live casino. Are you looking to play in a live casino in Malaysia? Look no further as SCR99 has everything for you!

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